Interview: Dua Boakye, Bad Rabbits

Posted on October 26, 2011 in interviews

Pass the Punk recently got an exclusive interview with Dua Boakye of Bad Rabbits, an R&B/Soul/Pop group from Boston, Massachusetts who are currently on the ‘Sgt. Schlepper’s  Who Needs Hearts Club Band Tour’ with Travie McCoy, the Black Cards, Donnis and XV.

Pass the Punk: So, I don’t think our followers have heard of your band yet, so if you could describe your sound in a few words, what would they be?
Dua Boakye: I can describe it in a couple words. Insane, funk, dance music, with a twist of R&B, indie, and punk.
PTP: I can definitely attest to that. I wanna say that you guys have one of the most energetic shows that I’ve seen. It doesn’t compare to many people at all. So, if you could say what you try to do with your music?
DB: We try to, I mean, the whole point is to get people from standing and to get them moving like us. ‘cause the more they move, the more we move. I can not stand to see one person just staring, just looking, I want to have them moving or dancing, and it feels like I’m doing my job right then. I think that’s the same way with the band, we want to make sure that everybody is having fun. The main objective is to have fun, and dance our ass off, and maybe get laid afterwards.
PTP: [laughs] Okay, and, two more questions.
DB: Alright. No more questions. [joking] Okay, go ahead.
PTP: If you could cite one band our song that just always gets you, in any way, it gets you dancing, it gets you up, it gets you emotional.
DB: Right now I’ve been listening to Pharoahe Monch, he’s a hip-hop artist, his brand new album ‘We Are Renegades’ just came out. I was listening to Lupe Fiasco before that because I wanted that type of album that kind of like, you know, motivates you. It kind of was a disappointment, then Pharoahe Monch came out. I love Lupe, don’t get it twisted. I know what he went through to make that album. I love that album. But Pharoahe Monch right now is what I’ve been playing, and that gets me up and it keeps me moving. ‘We Are Renegades’ is a dope album, it just makes me feel good, so that’s what I listen to now.
PTP: Okay. So, final question, do you have a charity that means something to you that we can promote on our site?
Graham Masser (guitarist): I don’t know exactly what the name is, but if you look up ‘David Leighton Marzetti’ you’ll find it.
DB: He’s a good friend of ours who passed away. He knew us from the beginning of when we started as a band, and he saw our success, and now he’s watching it from paradise.
GM: The foundation gives money to underprivileged children, gives them an opportunity to get instruments, take lessons. So it’s just like spreading the music.
DB: Because, I mean, right now music and art is not valued in this society, so we’re trying to get that more prevalent. If it wasn’t for music and art in the society that I grew up in, I would probably not be around right now.
PTP: Well, we’ll definitely link to that. And, thank you for your time. Have a good day!
Bad Rabbits were great to give us a little bit of their time, so please follow them @badrabbitsband on twitter. The charity they spoke of is a fantastic one, and Pass the Punk has found the link, so just go here: to learn more about the charity, see what they’ve been doing in the community, and to make a donation yourself.


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